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Homeless Services : Overview
Open Door offers a warm and supportive environment for homeless individuals to come and receive encouragement and assistance in attaining their goals. The ultimate objective of our Homeless Program is to return individuals to an environment of stable employment and secure housing.

We strive to provide three basic functions for the homeless:

1. Meet Basic Needs
Open Door provides hot meals, emergency food boxes, showers, personal hygiene products, assistance in finding a warm place to sleep, a caring environment, and even mailbox and phone use for contacting loved ones and potential employers/landlords.

2. Offer The Knowledge & Skills Needed To Advance
Open Door’s case managers address all client goals and work with them step by step to successfully meet these goals. Case Managers connect clients to other community resources, to develop skills such as resume and interview techniques, to basic computer skills - case managers are there to help bridge the gaps.

3. Build Esteem and Conquer Barriers to Self-Sufficiency
Connect individuals to mental health counseling and other resources to address many different sources of homelessness, such as addiction, grief and depression. This kind of counseling helps encourage long-term success.

Telephone Usage
Clients may make and receive calls for employment, housing, and medical needs.

Personal Hygiene Facilities
Makes it possible for people to be clean and presentable for health and self-esteem issues as well as for job and housing interviews. Facilities include:

  • Clean Shower and Restrooms
  • Some Personal Hygiene Products Available Upon Request

Day Room
Used for keeping warm and staying inside during bad weather, and to connect with other people in similar situations.

Case Management
Case Managers provide intake and case management services to help people stabilize their situation. Counseling is designed to assist people in gaining the skills they need to live successfully on their own.

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